Airship Bridge

In my mind, the airship¬†body is made of the same material that jumpy-castle-thingy’s are, only they are a lot more resilient and won’t pop. How cool would that be? Flying in a giant jumpy-castle-thingy. If I could live in the world of my imagination for a while, I’d do it for sure. I think that’s why we like books like Harry Potter so much, because it allows us to visit J.K.Rowling’s¬†world and see how she thinks. Somehow, we are able to suspend our own reality and accept someone elses as our own. Even if that world has unspeakable evil. I guess that makes the adventure that much more exciting.

Anyhoo, I started this sketch with the scroll work in the bridge. I discontinued the pattern because it seemed to just turn into a complex mess and had no real harmony to it. I then created the ship to the left and that felt more fitting. The way I “bridged” the gap was with a bunch of ivy. It almost gives the illusion that the scroll work is falling away from the ship just after turning into ivy leaves.