Before the Take

Well, it has finally happened. I missed a day for the Sketch of the Day. It gives me that same feeling I got when I scratched my truck for the first time. Now the pressure is off. I don’t have to worry about scratching my truck any more.

My computer was infected by the W32/Blaster.worm. Basically, some doosh invented this virus to act like an Anti-virus software program on your computer and exclaim, “You have a virus, quick, pay us fifty dollars and we’ll make it go away!”. I have to admire the thought behind it.

I really blended the heck out of this sketch. I wanted to give it a darker, more smoky look. I didn’t use a dog for a reference. Instead, I drew it from memory. It’s my buddies current dog, combined with the shitzu he had growing up. The dog I had, growing up, was not as cute, nor was it an inside dog, so this was what I came up with it.