Young Kings go to War

When it comes to business meetings, I have a saying, “It’s better to sit there and look interesting rather than open your mouth and prove everyone wrong.”

I drew this about twenty years ago for a newspaper article for The Times Herald Record. It was on business lunch etiquette. I have a briefcase under my bed with a hundred or so newspaper pages from when I drew Feature article illustrations. I prided myself with having a fast turn-around time. Once, when a photographer exposed his film and ruined the reel, I was called upon to do a complete drawing in less than two hours notice.

Before now, this was my last attempt to become a real-life illustrator. That’s why I posted it. In that twenty year hiatus, I went back to school, became a 3D animator, Art Director, Creative Director, got married, had kids, was laid off twice, bought three houses and two cars. Sadly, I have only a handful of drawings and paintings from that time. I am not one to carry regrets forward, so I will show you the numbers, just for the sake of interest:

20 years of Sketch of the Day equals 7,300 drawings

20 years of Sketch of the Week equals 1040 drawings

20 years of Sketch of the Month equals 240 drawings (This may be closer to the actual number of drawings I created)

Its interesting how the style matches the times. This is a black and white image with no shades of grey. The shading is done entirely with lines.