Back from the Fair

I met with the ladies representing the Smyrna Public Library today. We are planning a display of my work and contest surrounding the sketches. We would like to spark the imagination of individuals to write a story around their favorite one. The prize will be the illustration itself. We haven’t decided on rules or how many we’ll be giving away, but I would love to give a bunch.

I have learned something about my imagination. It will probably get me farther in my life than my knowledge. If I can imagine it, I can see it, I can either draw it, or ask for it. Either way, it comes to life and becomes part of my reality. It has become part of my business philosophy as well.

I tried to emphasize the dramatic landscape by creating three different levels of mountains. At the farthest level back, the clouds hide part of the mountainside. I think the perspective here would really benefit from some color.