If you ask me why I named this drawing fifteen, I would tell you because I drew a fifteen in the middle of the piece of wood.

If you ask me why, I would honestly have to say I don’t know.

Doing a Flip

Doing a Flip

“We don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.”                                                               –  Bob Ross

I make it a point to find the opportunity in any situation.

There is always an opportunity.

Sometimes, it’s not easy to find right out of the gate and you really have to look for it, but it’s there.



 I will always go back to my first love – graphite on Bristol board.

For this sketch, I blended the lines using a paintbrush. Normally, I would use either my finger or a tissue, however the risk of smearing the graphite with the former two is pretty great. The brush seems to be much more forgiving and it gives the drawing a more uniformed look.

Securing Trot’s Load

I have been working on this sketch for about three hours now.

I have to stop. I drew the little sketch (underneath) so I would have a reference for what his neck would look like and would it be possible for someone to crane their neck that way.

I wanted him to look somewhat like a turtle.

Free as a Middle Manager

I have a show at Rev. Please come down.

I am so distracted right now with other ventures, I haven’t been posting much.

I am really creating a bunch, but nothing is finished.


Spring 2013

I am not one to talk about the weather, unless I’m on an elevator and feel like talking to a stranger. Even then, I like to remain positive.

Having said that, I am very impressed by how long the cold has stuck around this year.

I have an on-site job at Georgia Tech Research Institute and walk part way to my office (I refuse to pay for parking). This walk includes navigating up roads lined by very tall buildings which means shady and windy sidewalks. It makes for a very cold journey.

I am ready for the warmer weather.