I will always go back to my first love – graphite on Bristol board.

For this sketch, I blended the lines using a paintbrush. Normally, I would use either my finger or a tissue, however the risk of smearing the graphite with the former two is pretty great. The brush seems to be much more forgiving and it gives the drawing a more uniformed look.

Art is Love

I am really getting into my surreal sketches. I’ve seemed to have inadvertently developed a few identifiable characters. Although, they still take on different characteristics and continue to develop, they are relatively the same. You can see two in this sketch.

I had a thought. I put this in a sticker..

Turtlevine Swing

I’ve been playing around with flying things in my sketches. To me, they represent insight that we all posses. Innately, we know what’s best for ourselves and our happiness. Whether we choose to ignore it or dismiss it is up to us.