Tank II

I have a friend who was a professional soldier for many years. He was kind of lost for a while after his tours in Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq. Part of the issue is he was really good at what he did and he liked it…at least in the beginning.

Now, he’s a network engineer. Quite a change.

I bet he could do some serious damage with a Philips head screwdriver.


I have a folder of sketches that I’ve started and put down for one reason or another. This is one of those sketches. I needed a sketch to dump some color on. I finally had a chance to go through all my markers and wanted to try some out. I LOVE this red. It’s probably my favorite shade of my favorite color.

In the Furnace

Apparently, I have changed my signature to BIO and forgot to remind myself.

Actually, I forgot to erase that and put my initials and the date. The original name of this was BIOHAZ, but then I put him in a furnace so the name no longer made much sense.


Walking Away

How easy is it for you to forgive yourself?

How much room do you give yourself for error?

I forgive myself freely and often. Most of the time, if I make a mistake, I am acting carelessly or I am distracted. Both easily forgivable. I never call my acts stupid or dumb. I try not to use those words to describe myself in any way. They’re just not who I am.

I find the more I forgive myself is less I have to carry around, and that’s more time to work on the next sketch.

“Hey, Kevin…is that a fish smoldering in the wake of the crash?”

Yes, it is. The lines that came together looked like a fish, so I went with it.

Great example of an awesome accident, in my opinion.

Light Artillery – Rock

The difference between me now and ten years ago is astounding. If I were to sum it up with one example, it would be how ten years ago, the big bills would be on the outside of the money fold I kept in my pocket. Now, it’s the small ones on the outside.

I love the “kis” method. I deliberately dropped the second “s”. I don’t like calling myself nor anyone else “stupid”….directly, anyway.

I say, just simplify your life. Get rid of it.

When it comes to an object in my house, if I’ve cleaned it twice and didn’t use it, chances are, I don’t need it and I will give it away. Let it collect dust in someone else’s house.