Art evokes emotion.

My son doesn’t like this sketch. He says it’s just too creepy. I said that’s the whole point of drawing it. If you’re creeped out by it, then it’s effective. This is my Halloween sketch. It’s meant to be creepy. I hope it has that same effect on you as well.


I love the new merging-of-techniques style. In this sketch, I am going for a plastic-rubber membrane look. I was gonna go for translucent, so I was going to draw intestines, but I didn’t have time.


This was an idea I had after looking at the picture below.

My routine has become sketch the whole thing out with contour lines and shading, then I blend the whole thing, then outline and the initial highlights are added, followed by light blending. Lastly, I draw the details in and pull the final highlights out. This is the result of that.


Touching Tongues

I get most of the ideas for Sketch of the Day first thing in the morning when I’m in the shower. I then go to station number one and begin sketching. I set up work stations in my house every day. This way, if I get bored or stuck at a task, I switch stations. I will say that not all of my stations are all work. Station number four or five (depending how many stations are set up in front) is always the BB gun and a target range set out in my back yard. I am surprised how many things I can get done in one day using this method. I have learned in my professional life that I must slack off and allow my mind to wander aimlessly. That is precisely how I come up with how to execute the drawing, or what my next best idea is. I allow it and I welcome the opportunity. Stop by the house some day and I’ll prove it.

The next part of my evolution using these merging styles is to figure out exactly how I will execute different textures and what would I get if I combined two very different techniques in many different ways. This was a creation to do both. Some textures were planned, such as the leather of the boot, and some not so planned, such as the plastic fabric of the torso.


DISCLAIMER: Any resemblance to STAR WARS is completely coincidental.

I was shooting for World of Warcraft. Hehe.

I have been creating art in some way since seven thirty this morning. I am creatively exhausted. Not really. I could keep at it for a while longer. I lose complete track of time when I draw. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Same technique, only I am really playing with perspective here. If you notice, from the signature in front, all the way to the blimp in back, there are seven different planes I worked with. I tried to keep some sort of relationship with each other, while maintaining their separate planes in space.


I love steampunk. I am going to invest in a steampunk costume some day. The Lines & Light show closing party is a costume event and it would have been ideal. Living in Atlanta, you’d be surprised how many events require alternate attire to fit in. I would surely get some mileage from it.

I used the new backdrop technique again. This time, the character is interacting with it. I am really enjoying the merging of all these new techniques I am trying. So far, there isn’t anything not working in one way, shape or form.


If I were to ever acquire a super power, it would be the ability to fly, which is quite ironic, because I’m afraid of heights. And if I did acquire the ability to fly, it’s just as likely that I would live in a community like this one. I originally created it for another anime test, this one involving flying insects. That explains the lack of life. I still may do it, just not any time soon. I have to catch up on requests and commissions first.

I tried to create an interesting angle and give the illusion of real height. I also wanted to add a bit of drama with the trench-looking structure running off the edge into the clouds.


Okay, here it goes;

You’re lying in bed, just about to doze off. You have situated yourself into the optimum sleeping position when all of a sudden you get an itch. The itch is in a spot that is not easily accessible.You have two choices…

Choice number one –

Lie as still as possible and try to ignore it until you fall asleep.

Choice number two –

Scratch the itch, with the possibility that you may not be able to strike the exact same slumber pose again and at the very least, you’ll set yourself back a good five minutes.

Either way, you are faced with an itch. This is my rendition of what an itch may look like.

Just a subtle warning, I may get a little creepy leading up to Halloween.