Clearing the Rocks

No, I am not promoting anything devil-related. This just happens to be a guy with horns, a tail, and hobbit-like feet.

I grew up in upstate NY a hundred years ago. Most of the land formations were gouged out by the glacier from the last ice age, thus creating many gorges and deep lakes. This makes for some incredible swimming holes. One that comes to mind is up at Judd Falls near Ithaca. The hole that I remember was at the bottom of a fifty foot gorge. Perfect for jumping off of.

When you jump off a cliff, the first thing that you notice is the air rushing by your ears. It gets loud very quickly. The closest you can get to the sound is sticking your head out the window of your car while driving on the highway. Now imagine going from zero to sixty in six seconds (with no engine).

Now, keep in mind the fall lasts about three seconds or so. It doesn’t seem like a long time until you try to keep straight (Usually by flailing your arms) and finally hit the water.

The force of the impact can give you quite a jolt, especially on the bottom of your feet. A few jumps and you’ll immediately feel the bruising, even through sneakers. I can’t imagine what would happen if you dove.

Overall, it’s worth it just to say you,ve jumped off a fifty foot cliff into water. I know someone who has jumed from one hundred and lived (insane, if you ask me). That’s a ten story building.


I went to the figure drawing session down at The Cube Gallery this evening. There were about twelve of us. This was the result of a five minute sketch. What most people realize is when you sketch a live model, they don’t stay still in one position for a long time. After all, it is an exercise.

I believe her name is Emily. I was probably distracted when she told me. Awesome model.

Sumo vs. Ninja

I had this colleague in college who could draw like nobody else. Some would argue, he was a genius with a pen. He retired for no apparent reason.

His name is John Paul Lona.

Yep, John, I just totally called you out.

So now what are you going to draw about it? Huh?

I dare you.

I double-dog dare you.



Anyone remember the playground at J. Raplh Ingalls? It’s a very special place – sacred ground, if I may go so far. If not J.Ralph, then how about your school playground from first and second grade?

David Croucher and I would race outside to get swings next to each other, so we could see who could swing the highest. We would talk about everything and make up stories. I remember one story David made up was about a doll that came to life. He stopped telling it suddenly, because he was scaring himself.

I just laughed out loud thinking about it.

Kurt Leonard was a little kid, relative to other second grade kids, however he could throw a tennis ball from one end of the lot behind the school to the other. I could get it pretty close if  you let it roll to a stop.

I could go on writing these memories down, and I should, but for now, I’ll just keep them in my head.

Anatomy of the Ears, Nose, and Throat

This is my second true attempt at medical illustration. My first attempt was done in Flash. I drew it out in pencil first, then added color using marker. I have a set that has been with me in one way, shape or form for about 33 years. I started collecting markers since the 6th grade. Then, I went back over it in pencil, using the shading technique and a smudge tool – the real kind of tool and not the photoshop version.