Anyone remember the playground at J. Raplh Ingalls? It’s a very special place – sacred ground, if I may go so far. If not J.Ralph, then how about your school playground from first and second grade?

David Croucher and I would race outside to get swings next to each other, so we could see who could swing the highest. We would talk about everything and make up stories. I remember one story David made up was about a doll that came to life. He stopped telling it suddenly, because he was scaring himself.

I just laughed out loud thinking about it.

Kurt Leonard was a little kid, relative to other second grade kids, however he could throw a tennis ball from one end of the lot behind the school to the other. I could get it pretty close if  you let it roll to a stop.

I could go on writing these memories down, and I should, but for now, I’ll just keep them in my head.