I will always go back to my first love – graphite on Bristol board.

For this sketch, I blended the lines using a paintbrush. Normally, I would use either my finger or a tissue, however the risk of smearing the graphite with the former two is pretty great. The brush seems to be much more forgiving and it gives the drawing a more uniformed look.

Stooge Pigeon

Stooge Pigeon


My buddy, Jeff Urell from AEI Marketing has a site that he wants to develop for games.

The site is called…you guessed it,

Here is the first pass at the “host” of the site. Here is the initial sketch and the notes from the discussion.


The art was done in Flash, so if we wanted to animate it, we could.

I kept the parts separate (movie clips) and fairly simple, again for ease of animating.



I can remember the moment my boys were too big to carry.

It was a profound moment in my life. It was the end of an era. Never again would I cradle them in my arms or set them on my shoulders.

If I were truthful to myself, it left a hole.

Thanks to my good friends, Eric and Paula, I get to experience it again.

It’s better this time, because at the end of the day, I get to hand her back.

I kept the strokes visible and the paint is a bit more technicolor to match the fingerpaint on the paper.

I sanded the canvas with 220 sandpaper to make the texture a bit smoother to allow for easier blending, while still keeping the bite of the canvas.