Drink & Inkers

I’ve been going to the Drink & Ink gathering, sponsored by BINDERS, Milltown Arms Tavern and, of course The Cube Gallery.

It’s a blast.

I tried to capture everyone’s personality without making a portrait of any one person. I kept the sketch loose, since we’re talking about drawing in a bar,I wanted to convey that feeling..

Dog & Butterfly

Okay, it’s not a butterfly, it’s a yellow jacket.

It’s just as beautiful to some people.

I wouldn’t feel too bad for the yellow jacket, look where he has his stinger pointed…

This is part of an installation piece I’m doing for Milltown Arms Tavern. I’ve created seven cut-outs to hang on the wall. They’ll be painted soon. See the photo below:

I will post a photo of the progress as it happens.

Here’s the finished set




Art is Love

I am really getting into my surreal sketches. I’ve seemed to have inadvertently developed a few identifiable characters. Although, they still take on different characteristics and continue to develop, they are relatively the same. You can see two in this sketch.

I had a thought. I put this in a sticker..

Fish Eater

I never liked seafood. I dreaded going on business lunches in fear of sitting next to someone who orders fish. I would literally have to breath through my mouth to eat.

I apologize if I sound negative. It’s something I was thinking about and it came out as this sketch. The paper it’s drawn on is plain printer paper that was by my desk. It started out as a doodle and turned into this.

I hope you give yourself the opportunity to doodle on your printer paper. I hope you keep some by the phone, just for this purpose. It’s great exercise.

See, ended on a positive note.

Art or Die

I created a new sticker.

I think the most noble pursuit in a person’s life is to make a difference in the world. To make a positive change in some way. I still believe the way I will make a difference is with my art.


What do artists do when they retire?


Make soap.

…think about it.


I went to the figure drawing session down at The Cube Gallery this evening. There were about twelve of us. This was the result of a five minute sketch. What most people realize is when you sketch a live model, they don’t stay still in one position for a long time. After all, it is an exercise.

I believe her name is Emily. I was probably distracted when she told me. Awesome model.