Touching Tongues

I get most of the ideas for Sketch of the Day first thing in the morning when I’m in the shower. I then go to station number one and begin sketching. I set up work stations in my house every day. This way, if I get bored or stuck at a task, I switch stations. I will say that not all of my stations are all work. Station number four or five (depending how many stations are set up in front) is always the BB gun and a target range set out in my back yard. I am surprised how many things I can get done in one day using this method. I have learned in my professional life that I must slack off and allow my mind to wander aimlessly. That is precisely how I come up with how to execute the drawing, or what my next best idea is. I allow it and I welcome the opportunity. Stop by the house some day and I’ll prove it.

The next part of my evolution using these merging styles is to figure out exactly how I will execute different textures and what would I get if I combined two very different techniques in many different ways. This was a creation to do both. Some textures were planned, such as the leather of the boot, and some not so planned, such as the plastic fabric of the torso.