In the Furnace

Apparently, I have changed my signature to BIO and forgot to remind myself.

Actually, I forgot to erase that and put my initials and the date. The original name of this was BIOHAZ, but then I put him in a furnace so the name no longer made much sense.


Flight of Fancy

I had one of those days when I work like mad and hardly get anything accomplished.

Holy crap.

I am really amazed at the level of dependency I have on this magic whirring box of wonder. I had an assignment today that involved 3D. Well, I don’t have that software loaded on this computer and it’s not compatible because of a versioning conflict, so I had to load it on my laptop. Well, it decided to crap out on me – totally, so no more laptop, says my buddy, Matt, who graciously helped me out tonight.

But, alas, no 3D software and no closer to finishing the project.

If I had a two pound rock hammer and a chisel, I could do it faster at this point…Hehe..Actually, I wouldn’t mind at all.


My buddy, Tom over at Lillie Glassblowers is a steampunk artist. He’s creating some amazing pieces. As soon as I get a link to his stuff, I will post it. anyway, we got to talking about steampunk bikes, and apparently, he’s built one…or actually two…put together like a tandem bike. I need to get a pic of that, also.

Anyhoo, We discussed making a motorized bike. Come to find out, there’s a company out there that makes engines for bikes. If you follow the link and read the comments below, some of these guys are all about speed. Hehe. I am really thinking I may need to build this, or at the very least, buy one of these engines.

I can feel myself gravitating to the higher contrast, more “graphic”. I am working on a couple of logos (which I love doing) and that may be why. It’s evident in the upper right hand corner of the sketch.

The Entomologist

This sketch started off as a rocking alligator in a public park. You know, the ones with the giant spring underneath. You can kind of see it in the creatures snout. It seems a bit too big, and truthfully, it is. I am just so grateful to have such wild ideas running through my head. Further proof that God wants me to be happy.

As I mentioned before, this started life as a child’s play toy and grew from there. This is a big drawing by my standards. It is approximately eleven inches by fourteen inches. I kept the sketch loose in the beginning and what I found was I am able to really experiment with the lines. The cargo is a great example of what can happen when I can really open up and play.

The Wensleys

If you’re curious as to what the family looks like, well, here they are. This is as far as I’ve gotten to date. I would love to give them names and stories soon.

Wensley Mfg. Co. Don’t plan for “if”…plan for Wensley.

I was going to put a W in each of the medallions, but I felt it might be a bit much.

I didn’t do the third step of putting the dark lines in this time. I wanted to leave out some detail and make it look more like a tintype.

Wensley 88

I can really appreciate the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci. Especially, the ones that depict machines that won’t be built for hundreds of years. He was truly a renaissance man.

I am talking with a friend of mine about building a Wensley something-or other. It doesn’t have to do anything but look neat and have moving parts, powered by a motor system of any kind, even human. Wensley is my made up company name from another world. They make everything from electro-shock-socks to coat hangers. The logo is the “W” you see above. I think I may have borrowed it from Wonka.