It’s never easy to find time to do the things I know are important, but I will always make time for those things that get me closer to what I truly desire.

Here are some pearls I have picked up:

Go ahead and ask for what you want in life. The worst possible outcome is you live the rest of your life with no regrets.

Be selfish. Don’t wait for someone else to spoil you.

You are the most important person in your life. Treat yourself accordingly.

There are many more, but it’s late and I’m tired. I will save them for another post. You get the general idea.

This sketch was just another excuse to draw a bowler hat and a skeleton.

Cappo Jared

What’s cooler than a wiseguy? How about a retro-wiseguy. Actually, this sketch was inspired by a fellow artist and fellow Goodwill shopper, Jared.

I have decided that now since I am a full time artist, I will take liberties with my wardrobe. For example, I am now wearing purple. I have always loved purple and now I feel compelled to let the world around me know. Also, I wear a blue kimono as a housecoat, sometimes well into the afternoon. I am tempted to take it out in public, just because I can. Socks and undergarments are optional and t-shirts are for making a statement – again. This is my dress code for my work and it is subject to change if the mood strikes me. I’ve decided to grow a fu manchu with a soul patch and see if it fits my face. If not, I’ll grow it out and shave it some other way. It’s okay, because being different is okay and, oh by the way, I don’t need to give a reason why I choose to wear Seabee steel toe combat boots with khaki shorts, I just do. If you really do want an explanation I will tell you, it’s good for morale.

A good example of less is more. By keeping the sketch pretty basic, I can create depth with only a few objects and a little shading. Another really fun sketch to draw.

Bertha Barmaid

Back to the World of the Dead. Not really in the writing mood tonight. When I started this blog, it was only supposed to be for my sketches and not so much for my rants and tirade. The writing was just supposed to be about the sketches, techniques and subject matter. Now, it’s become a dumping ground for my random thoughts. So be it. I’m pretty darn impressed with myself for keeping up with it. Especially on days like today. All I have to do is think about the reason I am doing it, so I never have to hear, “we are eliminating your position, therefore we are letting you go.” ever again. I told a good friend of mine today that I’m 44 years old and I finally know what I want to be when I grow up.

I love drawing tequila bottles with the worm inside. It just looks cool to me. I also enjoy drawing the glass texture. These characters are just plain fun to draw.

The Bounty Hunter

Ever since I drew The Old Merchant, there’s been a desire to develop this world. Its the world of the dead. The Mexicans celebrate their dead relatives in a festival dating back over 3000 years. What better way to honor them than to talk about them. Stories that endure the test of time – and may even get better with age. There’s a lot of awesome art generated for this festival. Here’s an example.

The second paragraph is usually for the technique I use, or something worth pointing out. This drawing came together Fairly quickly and there’s not really anything of note in it. Just a really fun drawing to do and I hope you enjoy it.


The Old Merchant

Every once in a while, I will draw something that I am really proud of. This is one of them. I am thinking I will paint this some day (keep in mind, I have about four or five canvases that I’ve started)…Gah.