Cappo Jared

What’s cooler than a wiseguy? How about a retro-wiseguy. Actually, this sketch was inspired by a fellow artist and fellow Goodwill shopper, Jared.

I have decided that now since I am a full time artist, I will take liberties with my wardrobe. For example, I am now wearing purple. I have always loved purple and now I feel compelled to let the world around me know. Also, I wear a blue kimono as a housecoat, sometimes well into the afternoon. I am tempted to take it out in public, just because I can. Socks and undergarments are optional and t-shirts are for making a statement – again. This is my dress code for my work and it is subject to change if the mood strikes me. I’ve decided to grow a fu manchu with a soul patch and see if it fits my face. If not, I’ll grow it out and shave it some other way. It’s okay, because being different is okay and, oh by the way, I don’t need to give a reason why I choose to wear Seabee steel toe combat boots with khaki shorts, I just do. If you really do want an explanation I will tell you, it’s good for morale.

A good example of less is more. By keeping the sketch pretty basic, I can create depth with only a few objects and a little shading. Another really fun sketch to draw.