Spring 2013

I am not one to talk about the weather, unless I’m on an elevator and feel like talking to a stranger. Even then, I like to remain positive.

Having said that, I am very impressed by how long the cold has stuck around this year.

I have an on-site job at Georgia Tech Research Institute and walk part way to my office (I refuse to pay for parking). This walk includes navigating up roads lined by very tall buildings which means shady and windy sidewalks. It makes for a very cold journey.

I am ready for the warmer weather.

Store Entrance

This is the side entrance to the general store my father’s family owned. Although rather old and falling in on itself, the building still stands. I drew this about fifteen years ago. It’s one of the few pieces I created for myself. I love the color and the texture of rust. If it covers something completely, it resembles a beautiful burnt sienna velvet finish. Although, this door is wood, it was washed with the iron oxide from the steel signs that adorn the top. Even the wood above the signs is covered in it, apparently from a wicking effect from the fibers of the wood. Anyway, it’s beautiful to me.

The sketch is a strange combination for me. I used a conte’ pencil and then a pen in an illustrative style. I am happy with the outcome, however I don’t believe I will be leveraging this technique very much.