Make today count.

– me

Today is pretty significant in my life. Besides being my birthday, it’s the one year anniversary of liberating myself from alcohol and tobacco. It’s not the exact date. I quit smoking before my birthday, but cheated a couple of times (no worries, I forgive myself freely) and I quit drinking some time after my birthday, but I will forever keep this day as the anniversary because it’s easier to remember.

If you ask me why I quit, the short answer is pretty simple…it got in the way.

When I would drink, I could draw for two, maybe three hours before I had to stop. When I took a “smoke” break, all I could think about was getting back to drawing, so I ended up sucking down a cigarette in about a minute. After a while, it didn’t make sense (Actually, smoking makes NO sense – period.)

So, I quit. No patches, no AA meetings. I just quit.

Anyway – happy anniversary to me and happy birthday as well.