Missed it by this much

Gah. Off by one letter…I am creating a sign for my first show tonight and I was off by the “r”. Actually, the hat that covered it was an afterthought and became more important than the signage itself. Mistakes happen in drawing. What I mean by mistakes is, when you make a mark on your paper, it did not turn out the way you intended. I see these lines as objects that need imagination to come to life. I can promise you, it was an unintended line that brought that hat to life.

I added color – Holee. Since this was intended to be a rough sketch, I left the letters as loose as I could without compromising the legibility. I have posted the actual sign here. It’s turning out a bit different, just because the initial RoBot didn’t fit. I am going to hang it tonight exactly as you see it now. It’s a work in progress and may change even more later on. I have thoughts of painting over everything in oils.