Old at the Beach

I have taken up cooking as a hobby. In and of itself it’s not a bad thing, however I find it difficult to practice restraint whilst sampling the result. I made a peach cobbler the other day and ate half of it in one sitting. I had the rest for breakfast the next morning.


Is it just me, or is “cobbler” a strange word? It’s right up there with vacuum.

I digress.

I am getting more comfortable with my markers. As with most media, when you put them down, it takes a while to get back into the swing of things. The most difficult part for me is blending the colors. Sometimes, I feel like I am going too dark too soon and it makes coloring the rest a difficult task. I normally like to layer the colors (his shorts, for example), and when I start with a color that is a darker hue, then it makes it nearly impossible. Also, I have acquired several new markers and I haven’t discovered a lot of the possibilities yet. This will happen only from experimentation, and as we know, cool things happen when you experiment.