Quest to Meander

It’s our God given right to live our lives the way we see fit. So, how come most of us scramble to find decent paying jobs with benefits and two weeks payed vacation? Is making a decent wage more important than living each day as if it were a gift? We plan and save for getting sick, we even have days set aside for it. We plan and save for the week we get to go to the beach or the mountains so we can “relax”.

When I was a Creative Director, part of my job was figuring out how many hours it would take to accomplish a certain task and if it was divided between more than one employee, how fast could we get it done. This is basic project management stuff. The duration was calculated on a typical worked day which was 6.5 hours. The other 1.5 hours is a wash. This is the time the employee stares out the window, hangs out at someone’s cube, or is the recipient of a visit from a coworker, and bio breaks. Now, the average work day is 9 hours. This includes an hour a day for lunch. So, between the average worked-day and work-day, the discrepancy is 2.5 hours a day, that equates to 12.5 hours a week. So, these are hours we are at work, but aren’t using to better the company. My thought is , we add back the hour for lunch to the 6.5 hour worked day, making a new typical work day of 7.5 hours. The hours remaining from the 12.5 “idle” hours is 7.5, or a new typical work day. So, I think we might as well make the average work week 4 days long, since we already know that extra day is a waste anyway. Fuzzy math at its best.

I used the new technique again. I am really digging it. I took the textures a bit farther today.