South Gate Sentry

The color swatches above the sentry is the palette I created while coloring yesterday’s sketch. I have this habit of drawing a random line and then imagining the possible sketches that may come out of it. This is one of those sketches.

The palette portion of this piece could possibly resemble some famous works of art, such as some later works by Kandinsky. So, if my intention was to create the palette as the work of art, instead of the drawing of the sentry (which, happened to be a doodle I did while creating the palette), my question is, what’s the difference?

The answer is, absolutely nothing. They are both a by-product of the process. If I cut the two apart and posted them side by side each day, there would be some who like the palette better than the sketch.

And that is okay by me.

I have no intention of posting the palettes every week, by the way. I was just making a point.