The Crossing

Here is another installment of Senior~ Wenceslaus. This drawing started out as just a sketch of a bird and some dramatic clouds behind it. The swan is destined for a life on the pond, since he can’t see where he’s flying to. He went blind after trading a wish with the old wizard, shown here in the form of an eel. Wenceslaus is on a journey with his weasel guide….hold on while I do another bong hit……(kidding, Mom). Most of these types of drawings start off with a simple idea and grow from there. I let my imagination wander. I enjoy thinking up what’s next.

In any drawing, there are sweet spots and then there are some areas that look like they were drawn in the dark. I’m really happy with the clouds in this drawing. They’re sketchy, but at the same time, they have depth. I have been developing this look for a while and I’m satisfied with the outcome. I also like the swan’s head and neck. Truthfully, the blind part of the story came about after I decided not to draw the swan’s eye. I didn’t know what type of expression I wanted to give it, therefore he has none. I’m not so happy with the dorsal fin of the eel. Although the circles appear to be symmetrical, the spot where the fin comes out of the water is throwing the rings off a bit. Still works for me overall.