The Storm

This is if Iron Giant met Popeye and they had a love child. No, not really. When I was in college, I hung a post card of a Howard Pyle painting on my wall titled Marooned. It’s one of the few paintings that I could really lose myself in. Pretty ironic, since there’s hardly anything to it. I often pondered, if ole Howard had extended the painting to the right or left another ten inches, would there be shelter or food? Either way, he’s a man that survived the deep waters of the sea, only to be left alone with his thoughts. So, what would you think about? I think the first thing I would do is pray. Ask God why the heck would you save me from the water just to leave me here.

I developed the clouds a bit more to create a stylistic “storm”. I continued to use the contour lines throughout the landscape to make the character pop. I kept the water streaming off of the robot very simple – at the risk of making it look like snot. The reason is, I wanted to carry the style all the way through. If I tried to make real water, I think it may have confused the viewer. By the way, the robot is looking down at the rocks. The round thing on top is a sailors cap.