Travailler Pour Dieu

It means “Work for God”.

Time for Kevin to get a little preachy up in here…

No matter how horrible I’m feeling throughout the day, I know that relief is only a sketch away. I can lose myself in my imagination and nothing else matters around me. That is why I create. The sketch is merely a result of the process.

So, I must interrupt myself for a moment to ask a question.

When I prepare a hamburger, I place the condiments and accouterments in such a way on the burger so that every bite will have an equal amount of everything, thus creating a sustained symphony of flavor, down to the last bite.

Here’s the question,

If I am using my imagination and creativity while creating this burger, can it be considered a work of art?

Yes, right?

So, if I brush my teeth in a certain way almost every day (sorry, Mom) for forty four years, can that be considered performance art?

I don’t know, I’m asking.