This is from a story that Senior~ Wenceslaus tells about a story that his grandfather told about his grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather. The story is not so much about WENCESLAVS, as it is about his worthy opponent, Kvle (pronounced “Kyle”).

You see, Kvle kind of stumbled into this profession. He started doing it to put himself through Horticulture school. After he graduated he found the money was far better when he could pick up some day shifts, so he decided to do it full time, but only to save up some money, then he will by a suit, get a haircut (literally), and get a real job. This is exactly what he told himself.

At the moment captured in this sketch, Kvle is sad.

Ten years after that fateful decision, he finds himself doing exactly the same thing he was doing then. Apart from the lovely herb garden Kvle keeps in his back yard, he is no closer to his goal of being a top dirt doctor then he was before he graduated. To make matters worse, his popularity is growing within the gladiatorial circles. Normally, this would be wonderful news, however, his adoring fans have given him the moniker “Baboon Boy”, when Kvle clearly resembles an orangutan.

This is obvious to Kvle. What frustrates him the most is the fact that he would have to head the crusade to educate the public regarding the differences between the baboon and the orangutan and he knows he just doesn’t have the inclination nor the patience for that.

But, it really doesn’t matter, because after his chance encounter with this Wenceslaus, he will never step foot in an arena again…

Hehe. Now, I’m just starting to make stuff up…

That’s my friend, Arta, in the stands. She’s a dancer. I gave her junior high school eyebrows.

I am really playing with atmospheric perspective through blurring. I kept WENC in sort of a shadowed state to really draw him closer to the viewer, therefore pushing everything else out in the light/background. Imagine the stands filled all the way to the top of the drawing with people. That’s what I’d do if I were to paint this.