Captain Young Brian

This is what you get when a grown up kid asks for a portrait.

Another commission piece. Suit and tie? Hell no. How about a sabre and a flintlock! I read in a Pirates display in the Myrtle Beach Aquarium that unlike commissioned ships of the day, pirate ships were a straight up democracy. Which makes sense, really. If the majority didn’t like the Captain, they would just throw his butt over the side.

Using the “Pitrates of the Caribbean” grunge look, I deliberately worked his head a little more than I normally would. If you knew young Brian, you’d realize this is a darker version of his face and features. I kept the paper slightly dirty to keep the look consistent. He has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I was going to do another big-head-little-body characture like Hal Prather,  but it just seemed more fitting to give his body a more foreshortened look.