Portrait of Bones

This is in honor of my friend Francesco Francavilla. A fellow artist who is currently working on every comic book everywhere. Not really. I met Francesco when I was an Art Director at The Home Depot. We hired Francesco to do some vector graphics for us. I remember when we interviewed him, he had a difficult time trying to explain his philosophy because of his thick Italian accent. We weren’t very impressed at that point, since communication skills were mandatory. What impressed me was the next day, he had sent us a thank you email, complete with a vector illustration of a HD employee driving an LPG Lift truck. He had started working on it right after the interview. I was sold. If he wasn’t working, he was drawing. Now, he is invited to Comic-Con to draw in front of people. How cool is that? I guess someone has to do it.

I added color just to push the background away from Mr. Bones. I like the play of the glow off the ball on his lapel. You can see the glow follow the contour of his face.