Self Portrait II

Every once in a while, I will grow my beard just to shave it in cool ways. I usually chronicle the look by taking pics as I shave. One of these photos made it to my website. It’s on the About Me page. By the way, my whiskers have a lot of grey in them – not so evident here. Artistic license at its best.

I used bristol board for this sketch. It seems to hold up better with all the smudging I do. I have three paper stocks that I use for my drawings. The reason I use three different types is pretty simple, because I have three different sketchbooks. I will draw on pretty much any type of paper. When I was young, my mother would buy reams of notebook paper for me. I would draw on both sides. Anyway, I like the way this sketch turned out. The blending turned out exactly the way I wanted to. Not too heavy and just the right darkness. The erased areas really pop without looking too contrived.