Cyrus the Brave

This is a portrait of a fellow artist, Cyrus. He’s seven and his mother says he would rather draw, paint or sculpt than eat. A young man after my own heart. I remember having that passion when I was his age. I would sit in my room and draw for hours, even in the middle of summer. My mother still tells stories about turning Greggy away at the front door. My advice to any young artist; Never stop creating what makes you happy, because you bring joy to others as well. Just ask your mom or dad. They’ll tell you that’s why God gave us refrigerators.

This drawing started with his eyes and appeared outward from the center. His reference photo was of him looking “mean”, however I interpreted it as a brave face, hence, the title. I drew the cloud pattern as an outline this time. If I took more time, I think I’d experiment with it a bit. Maybe a pattern, or some foliage. But, then again, it may have distracted from the main focus – his eyes.