The Audition

Tough crowd…

I’ve always had a deep admiration for those lucky individuals who can  play both a musical instrument and sing. I can watch them for hours, wishing I could do one of the two. I am sure it’s the same admiration that people have for individuals like myself that can draw. I am more familiar with that. One major difference is we can erase, they cannot. Did  you ever hear someone botch a note in a song? Did you ever hear someone twang on a guitar until they found that note? Also, we can draw anonymously. Musicians would have to put a bag over their head.

I purposely left the guy in the audience sketchy to create atmospheric perspective, but also to blend him in with his surroundings. Normally a bar is dark even in the afternoon. The brightest light would be streaming in from the windows (represented here by erasing on the guitar player’s left side and left side of the stool). I drew in some heavy shadows on the stage to really take advantage of the drama created by the contrast.