Sky-Doo 292

Growing up in upstate NY was a blast in the winter. I practically grew up on the back of a snowmobile. My favorite sled was our Ski Doo TNT 292. I remember, Greggy – my best friend growing up – and I would ride for hours and go for miles. We were no more than seven or eight years old at the time. Now a days, if anyone would even think about letting their pre-teens operate motor vehicles by themselves and go any significant distances, they’d be arrested. Especially in New York – welfare – State. Thanks for the memories.

This design is based loosely on the Ski Doo. When I create a futuristic machine of any sort, I will envision entire systems, like intake, fuel, propulsion and steering. That’s half the fun. At first glance, it looks like the handle bars are missing, but I decided to leave any visible steering device off, allowing the individual to use his or her imagination. I gave it more of a retro look than the original design for the simple fact that I like round headlights more than square ones. I have to give credit to Gus Levi Jones for suggesting the pads that the sled rests on when idle. Thanks, Gus.