This drawing is about capturing an awkward moment more than anything. We all have them and for some reason, they are funny. One morning, I felt my eyebrow twitch and my nose itched at the exact same moment. I brought my hand up and slapped myself in the eye involuntarily. Laughter is an emotional response for a situation that we don’t initially have a response for (or at least that’s what I believe to be true). That’s why when we see someone trip, most of us chuckle. I think it’s God’s way of telling us it’s okay to laugh at ourselves – or at others.

I drew this man’s face three times before I decided on the closed-eyes look. Initially, the eyes were looking at the dog, which appeared to be more of an angry look and not really what I was going for. Then, I had him looking at the young woman, however the orientation of his head made it look awkward. Almost like she was sixteen inches tall and came from the runners nethers…ew. I kept the underside of the dog sketchy, trying to create the illusion of speed. I also added some flying debris. Overall, I am happy with it.