Working Class Clown

This is my attempt at surrealism. Every once in a while, the mood strikes and I create something a bit outside of my normal subject matter. I recently was reacquainted with the works of an old college buddy, Michael Brown. Please, take a moment and check out his work. I am sure you’ll like it. I am really inspired by his works and decided to play around. The snake in the clown’s neck is a bit of an ode to Mike. You can see it in some of his paintings.

It’s fun to play with themes some times, especially when you create every day. Adds another dimension and may take my art – or an aspect of it – in a different direction. Either way, I usually take something from it and use it in other works. In this case, I really like how the hole in the wall where the snake is coming out of and some of the flat gears. Also, I’m pretty happy with the transparency in the balloon-intestines. That may be something I develop further when I revisit my surreal side. Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy it. Let me know.