Its an IT Thing

Why not make the iPad a phone? Because, if a device is too large, you’d look like a putz with it up to your ear or, in this case, hanging off your belt. I wore my Blackberry on my hip for about a week (Yes, I was an IT guy. Held the title of Systems Engineer and everything). I stopped after contemplating wearing my Mag-Lite and Buck Knife on it as well. I felt it best to quit using my belt for anything more than holding my pants up before it got out of hand.

Another line drawing from way back when. Every once in a while, I come across one. It’s interesting, because of how much I draw now, my perception and evolution of the lines I draw has become increasingly clearer. In other words, I’m getting better at drawing what I see in my head. Having said that, I have to think about how I drew the figures and try to replicate the technique. By the way, the gentleman to the left has a freshly drawn head. Can you tell a slight difference between that one and the other two?