Man Overboard

I don’t like leaving the house if I don’t have to.

I am, admittedly, “directionally challenged” which means I get lost very easily.
I have been this way all my life. I am too damn cheap to buy a GPS, nor will I
spend the extra five bucks a month to get it on my Blackberry.

And, of course, there’s everyone else on the road…

Why is it that people think it’s okay to cut you off and then give you the finger
when they’re driving down the road? Chances are if you were in line at Walmart,
nobody in their right mind is gonna cut in line, turn around and give everyone
behind them the finger. If he or she is, they have either something to prove or
nothing to lose. In either case, I don’t want to make it my business.

This sketch is based on a really cool painting I saw. I wish I got the name of the
artist. Here’s another amazing artist I came across while grocery shopping his
name is John Jude Palencar. He had created a dragon for a book that I saw. This guy is a graphics ninja.

Flight of Fancy

I had one of those days when I work like mad and hardly get anything accomplished.

Holy crap.

I am really amazed at the level of dependency I have on this magic whirring box of wonder. I had an assignment today that involved 3D. Well, I don’t have that software loaded on this computer and it’s not compatible because of a versioning conflict, so I had to load it on my laptop. Well, it decided to crap out on me – totally, so no more laptop, says my buddy, Matt, who graciously helped me out tonight.

But, alas, no 3D software and no closer to finishing the project.

If I had a two pound rock hammer and a chisel, I could do it faster at this point…Hehe..Actually, I wouldn’t mind at all.

Kitchen Sink

I love creating different textures in my sketches. This one is no exception and there’s a lot of them, hence, the title. It is for a landing page for

I am blending my sketches a lot more lately. I love the tones it gives me. It makes it really easy to pull highlights and push shadows around. This may be the next evolution of this technique.

Tracking a Unicorn

I have been taking personal inventory on a micro level as of late. I am going through my house, drawer by drawer, closet by closet, figuring out what to keep and what to throw away. I am hardly a hoarder. My house contains everything I need and very little of what I can live without. This is an attempt to get the very little even littler. LOL, how often do you get to use “littler” in a sentence? Funny, because I chuckle when I use “do do” in conversation every time also. Which brings us right back to the drawing…

If I had more time, I would have really played with atmospheric perspective here. Next drawing or so, I want to really play with blurring objects to make them look farther away, or too close to focus in on. I have officially decided to adopt the technique I have developed over the past few months. Or, maybe it’s adopted me, I’m not sure yet. The next logical step is to attempt something like this. Pretty mindblowing, huh?



The sheriff is a good guy, he’s doing his job and bringing a suspect in for questioning. I was gonna name this one “First Encounter”, but surprise won out because I wanted the viewer to get a sense of the playful nature of the RoBots as well as the surprise the sheriff is gonna get.

What would you do if you came upon an alien? Say, you were out camping, or better still, someone posts on Facebook that aliens have landed and you turn on the news and there it is, the mothership over your city…what would you do? I would promptly soil myself, drop to a fetal position, and cry myself to sleep. Not sure about after that. I’m kidding, actually. I don’t know what I’d do. I believe in ghosts and aliens for the most part. I think I’ve seen a few ghosts but no aliens…..yet.


Every once in a while, a drawing will take over my day. This is such a drawing. I can’t help but let it out. This isn’t the first drawing I started today. I was about twenty minutes into one before I was struck with this idea. It’s based on the old pulp detective magazine covers. Overall, I would say I have over three hours into it. That’s about twice what I normally spend on a sketch.

If I had more time to burn, I would develop the clouds more. They have so much potential. If I did, the skull wouldn’t be so obvious as it appears now.

Metro Study

I had the buildings sketched out about 3 years ago. It was for a job I did for Intellum. The rest, I added today. I have always liked these buildings, however I thought they lacked something. Apparently, it was a robot walking through the scene.

I am starting to reuse elements in these types of scenes. I enjoy drawing them and want to see where they’ll go. The blimps are definitely WoW influenced. Perspective is key in this sketch. I was gonna draw another vehicle going in the opposite direction, but thought it may be a bit too busy and take away from the buildings.


The Wensleys

If you’re curious as to what the family looks like, well, here they are. This is as far as I’ve gotten to date. I would love to give them names and stories soon.

Wensley Mfg. Co. Don’t plan for “if”…plan for Wensley.

I was going to put a W in each of the medallions, but I felt it might be a bit much.

I didn’t do the third step of putting the dark lines in this time. I wanted to leave out some detail and make it look more like a tintype.


This was an idea I had after looking at the picture below.

My routine has become sketch the whole thing out with contour lines and shading, then I blend the whole thing, then outline and the initial highlights are added, followed by light blending. Lastly, I draw the details in and pull the final highlights out. This is the result of that.