DISCLAIMER: Any resemblance to STAR WARS is completely coincidental.

I was shooting for World of Warcraft. Hehe.

I have been creating art in some way since seven thirty this morning. I am creatively exhausted. Not really. I could keep at it for a while longer. I lose complete track of time when I draw. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Same technique, only I am really playing with perspective here. If you notice, from the signature in front, all the way to the blimp in back, there are seven different planes I worked with. I tried to keep some sort of relationship with each other, while maintaining their separate planes in space.


I love steampunk. I am going to invest in a steampunk costume some day. The Lines & Light show closing party is a costume event and it would have been ideal. Living in Atlanta, you’d be surprised how many events require alternate attire to fit in. I would surely get some mileage from it.

I used the new backdrop technique again. This time, the character is interacting with it. I am really enjoying the merging of all these new techniques I am trying. So far, there isn’t anything not working in one way, shape or form.

Green Machine

When I am creating, I am at my best.

I just said that a second ago. I sound wicked profound.


So, I guess I should stop writing stuff and get back to it then.

This piece is inspired largely by Mike Brown. I incorporated some elements I discussed previously, such as the backdrop effect from TubeRoBot and some new ones. I kept the tones on the neutral side and used lights and dark lines very sparingly. I like the effect a lot.


I figured since my entry yesterday consisted of three sentences, I would do something to make up for it with color and a few more sentences.

I am thinking possibly one more sentence than yesterday, since it’s Saturday football.

Did I mention, I used color for this sketch?


In my made-up world, machines have taken on human characteristics. This includes “weaknesses”, such as love and compassion. In some worlds, computers attempt to take over the world, think Terminator series, or even The Matrix. In my world, they do not only think for themselves, they have their own personality. A RoBot may be a coworker or a friend. You can sneak up behind one and scare the bolts out of him.

I am really loving my new technique. I am concentrating on the highlights in this sketch. There’s something else about it that was completely unexpected. The background resembles a matte painting more than an open environment. I thnk I will develop this idea more in upcoming posts.

Eye II

Do not wait; the time will never be ”just right.” Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.

Napoleon Hill

I have new Copic markers, courtesy of my dear friend, Nicole. My collection is growing to a manageable size to create color sketches fairly quickly. I will use them as often as I can. Also, I blurred the background in photoshop. I thought it would separate the RoBot and push it forward. This is the first time I’ve used Photoshop in any of my posts, other than applying Autolevel.


When the boys and I go to Myrtle Beach to meet up with my parents, we will hunt sharks teeth on the beach. They’re pretty easy to spot, once you get the hang of it. My sons and I had a jar full of them at one point. The excitement is in the find and that’s what keeps us looking for more and not so much the sharks teeth themselves. When I was a youngster, I would hide my brand new Hotwheels car under my pillow and try to forget what it looked like, just so I could pretend to see it for the first time again.

Speaking of first time, I am trying a new technique I learned by total accident (Thank God for imperfection!). After the initial rough sketch, I rub the entire surface of the drawing with a tissue, giving it a neutral grey hue. This allows me to work my darks as well as my lights more easily, since the entire drawing is now mid-tone grey, I can just pull highlights and push objects back into the shadows by darkening the lines.

Eye of the Beholder

I believe that if someone put forth the effort to create something, then it’s worth pondering. Art Evokes Emotion. Even if the emotion you feel is considered negative. This may be the artists intention. If you feel something by experiencing that piece, then it worked. It is effective art. What is the opposite of love? Most will say hate, but it’s not, it’s apathy – the lack of emotion. It’s the same with any emotion. That’s what I believe, anyway.

If you can’t tell, this is a RoBot eye. I tried to give it an organic look by tracing over the circles loosely. I kept the foliage inside neatly manicured, so it would blend in well with the iris and not be a distraction. The attempt was to blur the lines between the mechanical and the biological.

The Key

My best friend, Larry Jones’ landscape philosophy; Give them something to look at, someplace to go, and something to do when they get there. I have adopted these words as my landscaping creation philosophy also. I drew this landscape just so I could use a bunch of wonderful Copic markers that I received in the mail from a dear friend of mine. Senior~ Wenceslaus on top of the RoBot was an afterthought.

In this sketch, I use detail to achieve atmospheric perspective more than color or shade. I used the same colors from the landscape in the robot to lessen the mechanical aspect and give him more of an organic look. I opted to leave the background white to keep the focus on the characters. If I were going to put color to it, I would use a blue wash fading to white from top to bottom. As it is now, you can imagine the white as a wall of snow behind them.


This is my answer to Teletubbies and Carebears. It’s the same concept only my version shoots lasers out of his eyes and poisonous darts out of his nostrils. His heart will explode if the outer core is breached. Danger is just plain fun. When I worked at The Home Depot, Tim Hynes and I made a ball that we dubbed “Danger Ball”. It was a styrofoam ball with thumb tacks taped to the outside. The object was try not to bleed after catching it. We had way too much time on our hands, apparently.

I blurred the leaves in the background to make the bears head and hands pop. I deliberately left the foliage in the foreground sketchy, so he would be the focus.